Emily Hovland

Emily Hovland

Emily received her undergraduate degree in English and Theology at Saint Mary's University. She continued to pursue her Masters of Arts in Education and her Administrative License as well.  

Emily is a passionate educator and was selected as the CEO facilitator six years ago when our program was being developed. She has taught Language Arts for the past 17 years and this year has taken on the role of Packer Profile Coordinator at Austin High School. Emily sees the benefits of CEO and pushes students to reach their goals each year.  

Emily is thrilled that the CEO program combines education with real-life experience while placing a high value on community growth and development. Emily has enjoyed learning so much more about the fantastic community we have in Austin and how it continues to grow.  Sharing this with students and watching them grow and reach thier goals is something that continues to drive Mower County CEO forward. 

Emily lives in Ausitn with her husband, Dave, and their four children.

To contact Emily with questions or to find out ways to get involved with the program, please email her at emily.hovland@austin.k12.mn.us.